Spam email revenge free

Sometimes, you just need to get someone back. Maybe they played a prank on you and your now looking for a way to get back at them. Have you ever lost your phone? The best revenge prank we found is called BlowUpThePhone. This evil prank is really funny allowing users to target their friends and send them massive text messages from random phone numbers.

The best part is that no one can block them, or your target would have to block over a hundred phone numbers to stop the attack. The user will never know who sent the prank, which makes it perfect for when you need to stay anonymous! You can even send your own custom message if you want to, but we found the default text messages they send are really funny. Another spinoff of this prank is Messagebomber. This prank sends hundreds of messages to your target making it appearing as if their phone number is posted on craigslist.

Watch them trying to frantically find the posts where their phone number is listed. The last prank on our top 3 list is SendRandomFacts. This site is a bit more harmless in the way you can prank your target. Simply select the kind of facts you want to send, and select how many you want to subscribe your target for, then sit back and watch them squirm. The next time you find yourself wanting to prank call a friend, give these sites a shot. Recipe Rating. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Accept Read More. Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 6. Buy on Amazon. The Frisky. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.Whether you're testing your mail filters to make sure nothing gets through, or you've set up a new webapp and need to make your service will stand up under the onslaught of tons and tons of email, Mailbait is a service that's simple to use: type in an email address and click run to instantly fill that mailbox with newsletters, notifications, and other mail.

This post is part of our Evil Week series at Lifehacker, where we look at the dark side of getting things done.

spam email revenge free

Knowing evil means knowing how to beat it, so you can use your sinister powers for good. Want more? Check out our evil week tag page.

Best Websites to Help Get Revenge on Someone

MailBait runs quietly in the background on the web as long as you let it, signing up the address you provided for mailing lists and newsletters most of which will require confirmation before they add you to their subscriber list over and over, working through thousands of registrations. I let it run for about 15 minutes and it leveled a freshly created email address with well over 50 subscription sign ups, all right in the inbox, with only a handful routed automatically to spam.

Keep in mind that your browser data and IP address is passed through and included in the signups and visible to the recipientso it's by no means anonymous, unless of course you take measures to hide yourself.

How well MailBait works depends entirely on the strength of your spam filters and your mail provider's anti-spam technology. You'll know your service or inbox is up to the task if it survives the load of email, and you'll know your filters or mail provider is doing well if you stop getting email after running MailBait for a while, even if it's still running.

If you don't, though, well, we hope your filters are up to the task or the person you're pranking doesn't get too angry with you and that you don't actually confirm any of the subscriptions that MailBait signs you up for. The A.

The Most Satisfying Robocall Revenge is the One that Makes You Laugh

Shop Subscribe. Read on. Subscribe To Our Newsletter. Alan Henry. Filed to: Email. Share This Story. Get our newsletter Subscribe.Couple from Deadly Gas Leak. Nov Angry at your boss, coworker, ex, roommate or anyone else? Now the internet offers a variety of ways to settle the score. This article looks at a few websites that help you to get sweet revenge against someone who has wronged you.

At www. There are even complaints like the type you would read on the popular consumer site www. An unusual site called www.

This process is offered for free by revengetool. A hub article at mistyhorizon However, the author cautions that some of these actions may get you kicked off the services. June 20, at pm UTC -4 Link to this comment. January 26, at pm UTC -4 Link to this comment. November 24, at pm UTC -4 Link to this comment. I tried it on one of my own email addresses as a test. It scored! Be sure to follow the directions to the end. Help give Karma a boost and do it!!! June 29, at am UTC -4 Link to this comment.

Good suggestions on sites for revenge. I need to get busy.

Top 3 Prank Text Services To Get Revenge (SPAM Phone Anonymously)

Certainly worth bookmarking for revisiting. March 14, at am UTC -4 Link to this comment. Thank you very much for your info, this will be very useful for me in the future to take my revenge. March 14, at pm UTC -4 Link to this comment. April 13, at am UTC -4 Link to this comment.

April 14, at pm UTC -4 Link to this comment. May 21, at pm UTC -4 Link to this comment. June 25, at am UTC -4 Link to this comment. July 22, at pm UTC -4 Link to this comment.

Revenge tool worked well on the test account I setup! Wanted to test it out before I use it. September 24, at pm UTC -4 Link to this comment. March 10, at pm UTC -4 Link to this comment. I am paranoid that somehow I would get busted.We have a user who it seems someone hates. It looks like they have been signed up for some spam revenge.

They are receiving thousands of 'confirm your subscription' emails a day. Is there anyway off these lists or are we going to have to kill the email and get a new one rolling for this user?

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Not idea as they have worked with our company for over 8 years If it becomes too much of an issue though it may ultimately be easier to kill their email. I suppose it depends on which solution you think is easiest. User has probably been using their work email to sign up for personal stuff.

Make sure your org has the proper DNS records setup to alleviate some of this stuff. Nope, they did not. Not when they are receiving plus emails within day. I've seen the emails, they are not from a signing up for a few subscription locations. Then someone has figured out that your users email is a valid email address and the bad actors are using it to send out their SPAM campaigns.

I am assuming that these are NDRs from undeliverable emails. Have you looked at the actual email headers? It's not actual spam, these are legit sites trying to confirm the email address. I have looked at the headers and they are from the actual mailing lists that they are getting signed up for.

The website I mentioned above will take the email you submit and sign up for any and all mailing lists available on the web. There are no NDR's. If the user is being "pranked" by someone, their the "pranker" IP and browser info should appear in the emails that your user is getting, so if that's the case, you may be able to take steps to put a stop to it.

There is no easy way to stop this, If they a low volume emailer it may be easier to create a specific whitelist for them and bin everything else.

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Brand Representative for Lepide. There are different reasons why you might get spam mails. One of the most common reason is when you post your email address on a public web page wherein your email address could be copied and used for unsolicited email. One way to minimize getting these types of emails is by creating a junk or spam filter.What are all those accumulated deposits good for?

Well, some trade in their stored up frustration for a chance to mess with scammers. Need advice about how to mess with him.

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Lots of people have done this. When it comes to messing with scammers, few are better than our friends Ashton Bingham and Art Kulik. It can also be fun. Their hilarious videos inspired us to partner with them to see what their skill set could do on a larger scale.

I always try to keep them on the phone for as long as I can to mess with them. Getting revenge on scammers by wasting their time time that they would have used to try fooling other people feels pretty great, but trolling every scammer that calls would take a huge amount of time.

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And the results are hilarious. We record these conversations in the app so you can hear them later. And the best part is that they work around the clock.

spam email revenge free

Plus, you can create your own Trilogy Media-style Answer Bot in the app, set yours to play, and then listen to the recordings when the next robocaller tries to get through. Get ready for the understatement of the year: robocalls are really annoying. It keeps them from moving on to the next potential victim, which hurts their wallets. Trolling Scammers In Your Sleep Getting revenge on scammers by wasting their time time that they would have used to try fooling other people feels pretty great, but trolling every scammer that calls would take a huge amount of time.

What if you could mess with scammers automatically? Because you can. Download RoboKiller Now!

spam email revenge free

Send link. Get the RoboKiller App.So all I've got's his email address, and for what I was ripped off for about twenty quid it's not worth me trying to go through any kind of official procedure - but I do want to piss him off if he's still using that email address.

Hit me with your best shot Sod it, let's go direct: the address is crisafulli. Howdy, Stranger! It looks like you're new here. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! Sign In Register. Categories Recent Discussions. Categories IanSavage Frets: September in Off Topic.

September It's got to be worth creating some kind of craigs list post requesting people email him photos of their erect members or similar? Jalapeno Frets: Don't you think he's onto Imagine something sharp and witty here Craiglist post in NYC and LA looking for man on man action stating he is versatile so he likes it both wayshe'll get no shortage of pics of bums and cocks Then just subcribe him to plenty of websites that mail you crap.

spam email revenge free

I got nothing I'm afraid. However, when I was a kid there was an absolute shithead at school who tried to bully me. I sent his mother a dildo with a card saying it was a gift from him. Oh, that's genius!

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The thing is, you have to be creative Worst case scenario, he just changes email address and he's clear. You need something that won't cause lots of spam, but will cause lots of trouble. Bucket Frets: The Craigslist idea is great. A VERY stiff letter. On cardboard.

I think that when you post ads on craigslist, you initially just get a confirmation email from them so presumably he won't confirm and so he won't get any unwanted emails. The same goes for signing him up for any mailing lists. I guess your best bet would be to make a few dozen online dating profiles, especially on niche dating websites you know the kindmake them look realistic, and stick the guys email in the 'About Me' section or whatever, so it's publicly viewable, and let nature take it's course.

Sign In or Register to comment.They say revenge is a dish best served cold. We agree to disagree. Getting back at someone is oddly satisfying, and thanks to the Internet there are a couple of smart, fail-safe yet virtually harmless ways to do it these days.

Wondering how to make your ex pay the price of betraying you online? Need a vengeful idea to make your so-called friend pay for their betrayal? This evil app, spoiled. Yes, it ruins their game of thrones by sending exclusive spoilers on who died, who killed who, and who returned from the dead this season. This is truly the King in the North when it comes to online revenge.

Let them taste the pain of breaking your heart in a true itching affair. Crab Revenge has introduced an icking but satisfyingly effective way of getting back at your ex or someone who was excessively mean or unfair to you — this website will send them some ruthless pubic lice that will have them itching in all the wrong places. These evil guys have three separate packages for their small but cruel little beasts and ship anywhere in the world.

You want to make them feel guilty, or you want to show scare your enemy — anonymous texting is the way to go. This websitefor example, sends anonymous messages within the next one minute to your intended recipient and you can select the contents yourself. Another pick is this websitewhich lets you send an anonymous text to any number in the world and even discreetly forwards the reply of that person to your email account.

So satisfying, so fun! Easy-peasy and quick, send a rude message and feel better in just 60 seconds without raising suspect.

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Another resource worth checking out is Masters of Revengewhich can send anonymous messages at a pre-mediated time from a fake number. So, time to spill your heart out and get the revenge ball rolling in the court. While texts and messages can be ignored easily, getting rid of rude calls will be much tougher for your evil ex! Spill our your heart to an ex, a backstabbing friend or an annoying colleague. Plus, the website also offers to have this conversation recorded to be listened at leisure with pleasure.

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