God eater 2 rage burst hdh bullet

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Then again, hardcore fans of God Eater or Toukiden will argue that their preferred competitor is more fun than the dominant Monster Hunter franchise. In the interest of full disclosure, I am a big Monster Hunter fan. An expanded version of the God Eater 2 game released on the PlayStation Vita back inRage Burst brings in some extra content as well as an appearance on the PS4, which is the version this review is based on.

Theoretically, this makes the "Bloods" more special compared to your regular blood eaters. You find yourself playing a new member of the unit as mankind finds itself dealing with a deadly pandemic known as the Black Plague. The English version of Rage Burst 2 even goes the extra mile by fully voicing a lot of its plentiful dialogue in English. Then again, Rage Burst 2 has a slower start as far as the action is concerned. There are a large number of early missions that have you hunting weak foes and I actually found myself getting a bit bored at first.

Missions/God Eater 2 Rage Burst

Fortunately, it ramps up as you go further, though I still found the game easier than Monster Hunter. The combat is a lot more forgiving, which is great for newcomers, though it also has some nuances that reward advanced players as well. At the same time, Rage Burst 2 features a ton of systems that can be intimidating for newcomers. Add its loot and crafting system, plus various weapons, shields and gear to familiarize yourself with and it can be a lot to take in at a time.

I can definitely see some folks feeling overwhelmed at first. On the plus side, this also gives the game its own unique flavor as opposed to just being a glorified copycat. Although online multiplayer is a key shared component between monster hunting games, one way God Eater separates itself from Monster Hunter is the ability to play with AI teammates in the single-player campaign.

Production values, meanwhile, are solid overall. The character models and monsters look good and the addition of lots of voice acting give it an anime feel.

At the same time, its roots as a PS Vita game also come with drawbacks. Hunting areas, for example, look underwhelming with tired-looking textures, especially when compared with the character and monster models. They also feel quite repetitive. Gathering in Rage Burst 2, on the other hand, feel like an afterthought as does the overall design of its areas. After a while, they all just started blending together for me. Despite its faults, Rage Burst 2 is a solid hunting game with its own unique system.

The ability to switch from a melee weapon to a gun then a shield in the heat of battle, for example, sets it apart from its more popular competitor, and the faster combat will be more enjoyable for some players. Personally, I still prefer Monster Hunter. Rage Burst, however, is a game that can stand on its own merits as well and continues to be a welcome addition to the genre.Forums New posts Search forums. What's new New posts Latest activity.

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Aside from that, excellent job! Lsa said:. YoursTruly New Member. Joined Dec 30, Messages 1 Reaction score 0. MrAntiFun said:.Rank 1. Rank 2. Rank 3.

Rank 4. Rank 5. Rank 6. Rank 7. Rank 8. Rank 9. Rank A Real Promise. The Black Predator. Tale of the Operators. Father of the Strasbourgs. Kate's Wish. These are Missions that appear every so many missions and offer higher rewards than the other mission, This includes rare items and skills. Cerberus's Wrath. Spring Pack. Holiday Pack.

GOD EATER 2 RAGE BURST Assault Bullet Crowd Bullet

GE Festival Anniversary Pack. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. This article lacks some information. You can help God Eater Wiki expanding it. Contents [ show ]. This is a tutorial on the various mechanics of the game. Follow on screen instructions. Part 2 of the tutorial. Defeat the ogretails to make the Dreadpikes appear. Practice using your gun form.

Defeat the Dreadpikes to make the Ukonvasara appear. Rachel, then Ciel, after your conversation with ciel, select this mission from the missions counter Rachel and pick the mission from the mission counter.But yeah,I don't know any bullet recipes for Rage Burst,and I can't find any bullet recipes that is good for practical uses.

So,can anybody help? I need one recipe for each guns,and what Blood Bullets should I put.

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I kinda like this recipe. I see there's an assault bullet that lets you refill OP in several Youtube videos. What's the bullet is,and what's its recipe? Shotgun recipe isn't very brainy like sniper or blast, just stack more than 1 module together and there you go. They will be inefficient damage-wised but will help you unlease a barrage of bullets in a short period, perfect for Blood Rage bullet rush.

I see That really is a bummer then It's hard to find translators here. Really hope that someone will post an English version of the recipe. Well,thanks again. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. The rich text editor does not work with JavaScript switched off. Please either enable it in your browser options, or visit your preferences to switch to the old MediaWiki editor. Follow 0 Kudos.

Loading editor. Quote More History. Save changes Preview Cancel. Lyrr Balriel. I can't read it, sorry Reply Preview.God Eater Burst allows you to create and customize your own set of bullets by mixing different effects and elements. The game even allows you to modify the angle of trajectory and timing to maximize your bullet's efficiency in battle. Since this is a shot-type piercing bullet, suggested weapon of choice is a sniper.

Maximum piercing damage can be achieved by equipping a Rank 10 "Arbalest X" but it will completely negate the elemental properties of your bullet.

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This shot uses homing bullets, so it will not work if you have equipments with "Disable Homing" like "Arbalest" and its upgraded versions. This bullet should hit the nearest enemy regardless of whether you are facing your target or not. The only exception would be if the target is outside of your bullet's maximum effective range. This recipe has been modified so you can shoot it twice at OP with either a sniper or an assault gun.

Like "Bullet Lancer" above, this bullet is for players who prefer using blades and only uses guns to unload their OP in a single shot for some decent damage. Since this is a radial-type crushing bullet, suggested weapon of choice is a blast gun. This bullet is for players who prefers to use their gun and would like to maximize their damage per OP ratio. Since this shot uses advance piercing bullets, not only does it hit the same enemy multiple times but will also hit other enemies on your bullet's path as well.

The more enemies the bullet passes through, the less effective it becomes and less damage it will inflict. So don't hide behind a dead enemy just because your bullets can penetrate through them because it would weaken your shot significantly. This shot incorporates the "Knockback Effect" which not only gives you immunity frames but also replenishes your stamina as well.

Effective when using the upgrade unit "Sniper Ace" which decreases OP consumption in exchange for stamina. Firing it a few times should solve the problem though. This bullet isn't made to harm your enemies but to attract them instead.

God Eater 2 Rage Burst (Region Free) PC ISO

The idea is to fire a long-ranged homing bullet to the enemy and get their attention so they'll chase after you. Doing this will save you a lot of time chasing them since they'll be chasing after you instead. Effective in places where the enemy have a lot of escape routes like the Infernal Subway. This bullet will heal everyone around the player. No, you can't heal yourself with it. The freeze one is something I'd consider using but that's just because I like ice-based attacks in general.

It is perfectly normal. Another question! Radian wave will pierce same enemy body part? Sorry for multiple posting Bernard Radials could hit multiple enemies if they are near each other but since Radials have a pretty short-range it would be quite hard to pull. It doesn't hit the same monster more than once. HDH that deals 5, damage is impossible because you need 4 bullets just to launch the thing and only have 4 bullets left to hit the enemy with. My Elemental Storm deals only 2, damage but can be fired twice, so it could deal 4, damage if you use your whole OP bar.

Laser-type and Shot-type bullets can only pierce though multiple targets if you use advanced-piercing bullets. Each bullet in a recipe have its own OP consumption so it will be computed accordingly for each bullet type.

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Let's put Elemental Storm as an example. If you look at the recipe closely, you will see that it has 3 Shot-type and 2 Laser-type bullets. If you are using a Sniper Gun, 2 bullets will have a OP discount while using an Assault gun will give 3 of your bullets a discount.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

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Global Achievements. Make this game so easy.

God Eater 2 Rage Burst Trainer

I forgot which Shotgun Blood rank I got these bullets at, but damn they are strong. They do full damage against armor, which makes armor more easy to destroy because you're doing more damage to armor, which makes it so much easier for you to perform bond breaks. Mostly it's just super useful because you don't have to break any parts of the boss or aim at weak spots before unloading.

Just run up and unload as if their armor was already broken. Showing 1 - 7 of 7 comments. Not half as broken as the HDH rounds Rediculously so It has been nerfed and cost tons of OP. At the other side, blast now can use HDH more effective than sniper. I mean, you can ignore armor, or use assault gun to level 9 and get free bullets Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 8 Sep, pm. Posts: 7.

god eater 2 rage burst hdh bullet

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Trusted Reviews Live Prices. God Eater has been a big deal in Japan for quite a while, but the franchise only made it to Western shores a few short months ago with the launch of Resurrection — a title that failed to make serious waves, despite being fairly fun.

god eater 2 rage burst hdh bullet

God Eater 2 Rage Burst is one of the most frustratingly fun big-boss battle games currently available — if you have the patience to power through the first few hours.

The action kicks off in Friar fortress, with you joining the mysterious Blood God Eater squad, an elite team of God Eaters sent on particularly dangerous missions. Sound familiar? It should, as the setup is pretty much identical to several popular animes. Pretty much every character I met early on conformed to at least one anime archetype.

god eater 2 rage burst hdh bullet

Friar acts as a central hub for the game and is the place you pick up missions and manage your team. The mission format is repetitive and never expands past tasking you to recruit three squad members and defeat a set number of Aragami or a big boss in a closed-off arena map.

After picking which type of God Arc I wanted to use, Rage Burst offered woefully little tutelage and, outside of a few text-heavy pop-up windows, left me to figure things out for myself. Related: Best PC games. As a result, my early hunts followed a standard pattern. Early missions are also a little too easy, as the AI-controlled squad members are incredibly proficient and will regularly kill Aragami on their own during the first five hours.

Even with my basic button-bashing tactic, I still got SSS rankings at the end of my first six missions.

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After more button-bashing missions than I care to count, I spotted one of my NPCs switching his God Arc between gun melee and shield modes mid-combo. A bit later I saw one of them using different types of bullets to mine, and firing a massive devouring monster out of their God Arc to bite chunks out of the Aragami they were attacking.

The Devour attack is a nifty feature that can be activated mid-combo or as a standalone power strike. The items, plus various resources you can harvest and abandoned God Arcs you get awarded for completing missions, can then be used to craft items back at your homebase in Friar.

These range from new skills for your weapon to entirely new God Arcs. The skills are unlocked as rewards for playing a particular way.

god eater 2 rage burst hdh bullet

The detailed breakdown helped me understand the importance of picking the right tools for the job before entering into each mission. Related: Final Fantasy 15 preview This point was further emphasised after I broke the nine-hour mark and got introduced to my first set of truly challenging missions.

Charging in against a giant Aragami boss on a Hard mission for the first time, I realised I was using the completely wrong God Arc, bullet type and squad skills for the job.

I was soon forced to return to home base with my tail between my legs. From there I read up on my opponent, re-skilled my NPCs, replaced my fire bullets with ice and equipped an appropriate Blood Rage. Upon returning to the fray my hard work was rewarded and I was able to complete the mission with a respectable AA rank.

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